Lubricant and Protectant


One Lube®

  • Slick 50® Supercharged One Lube lubricates AND protects. This proprietary formula is supercharged with synthetic additives to provide unsurpassed metal to metal lubrications and anti-wear performance. Apply for smoother, easier operation and long lasting protection against wear on any metal surface.


    Available Size: 12 FL. OZ. (340 g)

  • Virtually infinite uses:

  • Hold can upright, press firmly on spray button, apply Slick 50® Supercharged One Lube where needed.

    For pinpoint application or hard to reach areas, firmly insert extension tube into hole in spray nozzle. For best results, item to be lubricated should be reasonably clean.

Slick 50 One Lube®
Slick 50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment

Don’t dilute your oil change. Supercharged It.

Try Slick 50® Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment

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