Unleash Maximum Horsepower and Ultimate Performance



We put Slick 50  to the test and the results did not disappoint.

Adding one bottle of Slick 50 Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment (15oz.) produced a dyno run that yielded an increase of 8hp at the wheels.

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  • Slick 50®, inventors of the engine treatment introduce Slick 50® Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment. Now in a pour and drive formula, Slick 50®'s Superchargedtechnology fights performance robbing friction 18%* better than the leading synthetic motor oil alone. Slick 50® additives help unleash maximum horsepower and ultimate performance:

    Slick 50® is built from a base of full synthetic 5W-30 motor oil that meets ILSAC GF5 Motor Oil specifications. Unlike some oil additives Slick 50® will not dilute the additives already in your motor oil.

    Don’t dilute your oil change…Supercharge it.

  • Available Size: 15 FL. OZ. (444 mL) bottle

    *Friction Coefficients by ASTM D6079 HFRR Test

  • Slick 50® additives help unleash maximum horsepower and ultimate performance:

  • Use only per directions:

    Add contents of this bottle to your crankcase during or after an oil change; this DOES NOT replace a quart of oil during an oil change. When used as directed this product WILL NOT over-fill your crankcase. Maintain your oil as per owner’s manual recommendations. If the engines’s oil capacity is 6 quarts or more, use 10% Slick 50 and 90% oil.

    For Optimal Results:

    Use as often as every oil change for maximum effectiveness, but re-treat your engine at least every 12,000 miles. For vehicles over 75,000 miles, use Slick 50® Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment.

Slick 50 Synthetic Engine Treatment
Slick 50 Advanced Formula Engine Treatment

Get ultimate performance from your fuel system.

Try Slick 50® Supercharged Fuel System Treatment

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